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This site is continually being updated to improve usability, add new features, and improve the aesthetics. Sometimes I'm successful and other times, no so much. I would love to hear any improvements that you think I should make or if something is not operating as it should. I welcome all feedback, both positive and negative however I do ask that you keep it constructive. Telling me the site sucks wont help me make it any more useful to you. 
The Geek in the Closet website exists to help other creative individuals achieve their personal design goals and I am always interested in helping you in whatever way I can. I also encourage you to contact me if you might want to contribute your art, writing, editing skills, home-brew rules, cartography, play-testing services, or industry experience to a GITC project or to the website itself. And if you are worried that your not 'good enough', please don't be. Remember, this site is about having fun, learning as much as we can from each other, and increasing our exposure (if that is something your interested in). Click the link below and lets discuss how we can work together. COLLABORATE 
Don't you hate websites that make it near impossible to contact a real person? Well, you won't have that problem here. I WANT to hear from your. Please, feel free to drop me a line anytime.

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