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Mission Statement

I created the Geek in the Closet website for creative hobbyists and aspiring freelance designers to serve as a one-stop repository for free resources, advice from pros working in the entertainment design industry, and to form a community of passionate individuals who want to help each other improve their design skills and achieve their personal goals.

If you are a complete beginner, have done some freelance work, or have a full-time career as a game designer, illustrator, cartographer, graphic designer, publisher, writer, photographer, video or sound editor, or producer, then GITC has something for you!

– Jerett

You Are Now Entering The Free Zone

There are not many free things in this world, but you have my word that the resources, tools, and advice that is available on the Geek in the Closet website is one of the few exceptions.  I will never include paid content, adds in order to generate revenue for myself, deceitful click-bait, or annoying popups on my website, blog, forum, or any of my social media pages.

I don’t enjoy those things while browsing the internet and I assume that the vast majority of other people don’t either.

Members of the GITC community are of course free to advertise as they will on their own websites and I have no objections to linking to their pages and doing what I can to send visitors their way. After all, the site exists to help people achieve their design goals and earning a living doing what you love is the ultimate goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Contacting GITC

Information on how to contact GITC can be found on the Contact GITC page.

FAQ: Community Use

Information on linking to GITC, requesting to be linked by GITC, and logo and content use can be found on the Community Use page.


Jerett Schaufele

Jerett Schaufele


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