Month: March 2016

Memoirs of a Geek

The Early Years For some reason, I can still recall many of the details from that exact moment that I was first introduced to Dungeons & Dragons. I think the year was 1980 which would have made me five years old. At that time in my life, my parents spent a considerable amount of time partying at their friend’s house. Crazy hippies. This was fine with my brother and I (who was two years older than me) since one of the couples had two sons; one was the same age as my brother (who I will call Jason to...

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Making a Pathfinder RPG Adventure: Episode 11 – Campaign Title & Logo

Welcome to Phase 2 in my mission to self-publish my own Pathfinder RPG adventure module. During this phase, my focus will be on making high-level design decisions in order to create a strong skeleton outline for my adventure. Some examples of the work being done during this phase includes writing the plot outline, exploring the main characters (PCs and NPCs), and developing the setting to name only a few. There are many topics that I am very eager to dive into and I expect that this will be one of the more enjoyable phases during this project so let’s...

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