Month: January 2016

Making a Pathfinder RPG Adventure: Episode 9 – Adventure Subgenres

  Adventure Genre and Subgenres In terms of literary genres, I don’t think many people would argue that a Pathfinder RPG or D&D adventures would fall under the Fantasy genre. All adventure modules (and campaigns for that matter) must contain a decent amount of action and combat to keep the players engaged, and as such, could also be considered as falling in the Action and Adventures genres as well. Given the nature of what an adventure module is however, these general types of classifications don’t really convey any useful information to a GM who might be interested in running...

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Making a Pathfinder RPG Adventure: Episode 8 – What Makes an Adventure Memorable?

What Makes an Adventure Memorable? As adventure authors, we all have dreams of writing the next big epic adventure module or campaign that players will be speaking of for years to come, but how do you do this? What makes an adventure fun, or better than another? Are longer ones better? Is it the quality of the illustrations, the skill of the cartographer, or the quality of writing itself? While these might be factors, I would argue that they are not the main considerations when determining what makes an adventure great. When I think about the most enjoyable game...

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Making a Pathfinder RPG Adventure: Episode 7 – Module Length: Part 2

Last Episode I started to look at estimating the total page count, keeping in mind that I may want to create a full-fledged campaign at some point in the future. Today I am going to drill down a little deeper and assign page and word counts to each section of the module so I can better determine how much content I really have room for. Estimating Word Counts for Common Sections Before it is possible to assign a total word count for my adventure, it would be very beneficial to study one of Paizo’s in order to come up with...

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Making a Pathfinder RPG Adventure: Episode 6 – Module Length: Part 1

  For this episode, I will be spending some time thinking about how long to make my adventure so that I have a reasonable chance of actually completing it while still providing something of substance that can be enjoyed over multiple game sessions. For today, I will be focusing on the big picture in terms of page counts. Next episode I will look at breaking the module down into each of its components and assigning them with both page and word count budgets. Page Count Over the years, Paizo has published adventures of varying lengths ranging from 16-page mini...

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Making a Pathfinder RPG Adventure: Day 5 – Target Audience

Finding My Audience Before any production work begins, I think that it is important for me to get clear about what kind of person I am making this adventure for. That is, what kind of person do I think is most likely to click that download button and run it for their gaming group? Is it intended for younger gamers who don’t have the money to shell out for a published adventure? Is it intended to attract the attention of publishing company in the hopes of getting an offer for freelance work? Or is it maybe intended for the...

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